Client Testimonials

“HCG worked with us to develop a pricing strategy, and I’m amazed by the productivity of the team and the results they produced. With little guidance required from me, the team quickly grasped the complicated dynamics of the BPH treatment landscape. They leveraged their understanding to produce surprisingly high-quality insights that I wouldn’t expect to see from market outsiders. Their findings were clearly presented and actionable. HCG’s work helped my company to expand the scope of our market opportunities and prioritize the different stages of our global rollout plan.”

Co-Founder & CEO

“In Hedia we worked together with UC Berkeley healthcare group. UC Berkeley healthcare group was strategic consultants with the aim to help us scope the route to the USA, the reimbursement strategy and the Go to market strategy. The finding the group presented was in quality higher that expected and seen before. And at the same time, the interest and understanding of a complex and innovative niche like digital health – was outstanding.”


“The insights delivered by the Healthcare Consulting team were extremely detailed and powerful to help us understand how to better execute our business in the US market. In a short span of 12 weeks, they talked to industry professionals and developed insightful analyses from reimbursement to customer acquisition strategy. The expertise that HCG brings is incredibly useful and will be a huge value add to healthcare startups working on breaking into new markets.”


Client Inquiries

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Spring 2023 Clients

IntraOp Medical Corporation

IntraOp is the leading innovator of electron therapy devices for treating cancer. IntraOp’s compact and mobile linear accelerators enable oncologists to deliver effective, precise, and affordable radiation therapy at the point of care. IntraOp's technology unlocks new treatment options for patients and increases the accessibility of effective treatment. Leading oncologists, hospitals, and research centers all over the world utilize IntraOp’s products to improve patient care.

UNA Health Inc

UNA is an innovative mobile healthcare technology company, creating solutions to solve onboarding, recruitment, employee selection and compliance challenges. UNA enhances how healthcare organizations connect to candidates, by improving applicant engagement, facilitating compliance workflows and establishing baseline clinical competencies, using validated tools built for hiring. UNA's Open API facilitates connections to third party platforms, for a seamless candidate experience, reducing drop-off, and improving time to fill metrics.

Vivani Medical

Vivani is an innovative, near-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company.
Leveraging their proprietary NanoPortal™ platform technology, Vivani is developing a portfolio of miniature, long-term drug implants to address two main barriers of optimal chronic disease treatment: medication non-adherence and tolerability. Their lead asset, NPM-119, is a miniature, 6-month, subdermal, GLP-1 implant under development for type 2 diabetes and/or obesity.